About Milk

Let's run through the app from A-Z so you're familiar with the rules and how you can kick butt and win everytime!


There is a Freemium and Premium version of the app. You can only use the free version at select places but with the Premium version you can Milk the Moment pretty much anywhere. You also have access to premium features and VIP zones.


Gift cards and cash rewards will start flowing your way when you accrue just the right amount of MILK Points. The Redeem button will appear in the app and with one click, you're rewarded. Gift cards are sent instantly to your email address and cash is sent directly to your Paypal account.


The app works heavily off of your phone's location services and notifications. These features must be on so that the app works properly and can alert you about MILK Zones, reward status, nearby users, bonus points and more!

MILK Memories

We understand that hardly anyone has a regular camera any more and experiences still need to be captured. Premium users have the ability to snap one picture or one quick 30 second video inside the app without being penalized.

Milk Zones

The free app only accrues points in selected zones. Our zones are places such as restaurants, bars, cafes, theaters, live venues, etc. If you would rather use the app at more personal places such as at home, then Premium is the way to go!

Losing Points

What's the use in having the MILK App if we let users continue to text, snap and scroll all they want. You can pause the app or step away if you need to but know that it will cost you some points. If you deactivate the app before your timer is up, you won't be able to Milk The Moment again for quite some time so choose wisely!

Sponsored Zones

These are places set aside for our Premium members where you can redeem your points right then and there at the establishment. Grab a free dessert before you leave, get 50% off of concert merch after the show and much more!


To keep it fair we have different limitations within the MILK app. Time caps are set in place at many of the MILK Zones and there is a daily limit of activation hours for Premium users.

Up For the Challenge?

Can you believe there is a way to get paid and rewarded just for putting your phone down and enjoying life? This can all happen when you download the MILK app, set a goal and hit your target. From discounts, to gift cards, to cash! It's all yours when you Milk the Moment. Up for the challenge?

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