MILK Zones


MILK Zones

MILK Zones are geo-fenced activation areas where you can use the app to accrue points. We've already created tons of MILK Zones across the United States however, we realize that you may want to Milk The Moment at your own favorite places such as your home, office, vacation rental or favorite cafe. Well that's totally possible. Create your own MILK Zone today!

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Bonus Points

Rack up on bonus points when other users activate the MILK App in your sponsored zone! Bonus points make you eligible for our sweepstakes giveaway. You can possibly be surprised with thousands of dollars in cash, a cruise vacation, VIP concert tickets and so much more!

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01 Can I make any address a MILK Zone?

If the address is an establishment or a place where you should be “Milking the Moment” then YES! Places like an auto parts store or an eyeglass shop aren’t exactly the type of places that we had in mind.  As a rule of thumb, if the address deals with food, performances, live experiences, friends, family, co-workers or if they are places where you should really focus and be safe, then those are most likely the places that will be approved.

02 How many MILK Zones can I create?

As many as you want.  Most users make their home a MILK Zone first and then move on to selecting many of the places where they like to eat, play, study, work and focus.

03 How long do can I keep my MILK Zone?

A residential or office MILK Zone is yours for an entire year.  However, a public MILK Zone such as a restaurant, bar, theater or music venue is yours for 3-6 months (depending on the type of zone).  Once the deadline is near, the MILK Zone will be up for renewal.

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