MILK is a mobile application

that rewards you whenever you refrain from using your phone in places or situations where we all could be a little more present, intimate, focused or safe. The MILK App is now available on iOS and Android. Download it today!

Movie Theaters

Being ``cell phone considerate`` during your movie could lead to a gift card used towards popcorn, candy or your next movie visit. #MilkTheMoment


Milking the Moment at the dinner table could equal you enjoying your next meal completely free. #BeRewaredforBeingPresent

Live Venues

Watch the show with your eyes...not your phone. It could put cash in your hand towards another concert! #MilkTheMoment


Are people in your household slightly addicted to their phones? Some cool incentives can definitely break the habit! #JustMilkIt

MILK Rewards

From food to fashion, gift cards to cash or tech gadgets and concert tickets. You can earn it all with the MILK App!

How It Works:


Enter the app and press the MILK The Moment button.  Set the timer and lock your phone.


The app will begin to accrue points every minute that the phone is not in use!


Once you have reached a specific point balance, you can redeem those points for a reward of your choice!


Think of the MILK app as a fun game that's played at home and at all your favorite establishments. We aren't trying to keep you away from your phone all day...just when it's time to eat, play, engage, focus and connect!

More About MILK

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