What is MILK 3.0?

MILK (short for Milk the Moment) is a mobile application that rewards you for decreasing your screen time on your smartphone. The Beta version of MILK was launched in March of 2019. After talking with our users, we discovered that they're more interested in the app having competitive challenges, gamification features and cash rewards. We heard them loud and clear! Now introducing MILK 3.0! The new MILK App encourages users to enter ``No Cell Phone`` challenges. Users who are successful at these challenges win cash! The app works off of a betting system where users place a bid into a challenge along with many other users. The winners get to split the pot and leave with a profit. The losers miss out on the winnings but a percentage of their lost wages are given to charity. This is giving a whole new meaning to ``Milking the Moment``. You are literally making money from time well spent. MILK 3.0 is currently only available to exclusive users. If you want to download our new app, sign up today!

Family Time Challenges

The dinner table is an excellent place to challenge one another at a game of MILK.

Workplace Challenges

Could you and your co-workers refrain from using your phones for an entire work day? Let's make a bet!

Driving Challenges

Can you drive without texting, recording or taking selfies? Put your money where your mouth is!

Study Challenges

Can you study with no distractions? Make a bet and walk away with cold hard cash!

How It Works:


Enter a challenge by putting your money where your mouth is!  Place a bet inside the app, start the challenge and refrain from using your phone.

02 Win the Challenge

Players who are successful at not using their phone during the entire challenge will be named as our winners. Winners are alerted via email and inside the app.

03 Get Paid

Losers end up distributing their lost wages to the winning players and winners get to cash out their profit. For example, you can bet $5 and possibly leave with $50!

New Look, New Feel!

The MILK App looks better than ever and is now easy to operate, understand and navigate. Take a look!

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