Before the year 2007, the average American enjoyed up to 5 hours of free time. Today, most of us only have around 43 minutes of free time to ourselves. Research shows that the smartphone is the number one reason that Americans are finding it hard to create some ``me time``. We check our phones every 10 minutes and we spend 3-4 hours a day on social media. That's like 7 YEARS OF OUR LIFETIME spent scrolling, surfing and sending messages. Millions of adults are starting to do ``digital detoxes`` but finding themselves cheating during these detoxes and returning right back to their old ways. We believe a ``cold-turkey`` approach is not the answer. Users just need to find ways to form better smartphone habits and create a healthy digital life style. This is why we've created the MILK App.

What is MILK?

MILK is a mobile application that helps you with your smartphone habits and gives you close to 2 months of time back into your life. We've made the app fun, gamified, competitive and rewarding. When you win the different challenges in the MILK app you'll receive badges, digital rewards, leader board status and sweepstakes entries into a DEVICE FREE vacation experience.

Family Time Challenges

The dinner table is an excellent place to challenge one another at a game of MILK.

Workplace Challenges

Could you and your co-workers refrain from using your phones for an entire work day? Let's start a challenge.

Driving Challenges

Can you drive without texting, recording or taking selfies? If your answer is no, MILK can help!

Study Challenges

Can you study with no distractions? Give it a try with the MILK app and win big!

How It Works:


Enter the app and complete a few questions so we can learn about your day to day lifestyle.

02 Break Those Habits

Based on your answers, we’ll send you a customized habit breaking plan where you’ll receive tips and tricks on how to make your phone less of a distraction and create more hours in your day.

03 Compete

Try to refrain from using your phone for a certain amount of time each day.  You’re doing this in competition with friends, family, co-workers and other users.

New Look, New Feel!

The MILK App looks better than ever and is now easy to operate, understand and navigate. Take a look!

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