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Home for the Holidays, but Who’s Home Upstairs?

What are you looking forward to this holiday season? Spending time with loved ones? Savoring home cooked meals? Curling up by a fire? 

Or, will you be too busy DM-ing that ex from 2003? Taking quizzes to try and “find your spirit animal?” Watching Kim unwrap her gift from Kanye over her new Snapchat account? Finally make a decision about whether you look better with the flower crown filter or the bunny ears? Spoiler alert; everyone looks better with the flower crown.

However, research shows there are significant benefits to being present in (gasp) your very own life. It says putting down your phone and being engaged in holiday traditions instills a sense of comfort, security, and identity in a person as they create a stable, constant source of ritual in an ever changing world. Decorating the christmas tree, lighting the menorah, or gaining an extra ten pounds while still trying to look cute by New Year’s Eve, actually help form the way we approach life. Being present for these traditions helps create the values that shape our decision making process, and form the dreams we have for the future. Wow, who would have thought that ignoring those notifications and putting your phone on silent could actually help you feel more… connected?

Let’s be honest; tensions can run kind of high during the holidays. But what if, instead of running to the comfort of our cell phone addictions, we found comfort, entertainment, and connection in the people we could actually touch? I know. It’s weird. I’m just remembering what it’s like to be comforted by the amazing smells from my grandmothers kitchen. To be entertained by the stories of when I was a toddler that will inevitably be used to embarrass me for years to come. If my family doesn’t practice telling these, pretty soon we’ll just be having conversations with each other in memes only, and that’s just awkward. 

The holidays seem like as good as time as any to practice actually “being” together. True, it takes a while to form traditions that span generations. There’s nothing “insta” about that. But, isn’t that where the beauty lies? 

Either way, the MILK APP was created to help you do just that. When you refrain from using your cell phone this holiday season to be more present with your loved ones, you can earn free rewards in the form of gift cards, discounts,products, and more. Scoring free goods while creating memories that will last a lifetime? Seems like a tradition worth starting to me! 

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