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Unplugging May Make you Smarter

With the world at your fingertips, you’d think it’d be easy these days to give great thinkers like Einstein, Plato, and even Aristotle a run for their money, right? Well, bad news; you’re getting a little dumber. But hey; it’s not you; it’s your smartphone. It’s kinda making you lazy.

You see, great thinkers like those guys often practiced something called “reflective thinking.” Whenever they were working out a problem, they would  allow for huge amounts of completely uninterrupted time for their mind to wander and go wherever it wanted. Basically, they liked to daydream!

Before you decide that that sounds childish and get back to posting a picture of your lunch, consider what a  recent article in Business Insider says about reflective thinking. “The outcome (is being) consistently more productive when dealing with complex problems or coming up with creative solutions and ideas.” Fionna Kerr, University of Adelaide

Studies show that on average we check our phone between (gasp) 85-150 times a day, and are on our phones up to five hours a day. Yikes. If  “uninterrupted thinking” is what led people like Einstein to come up with some of the most important work in physics that we have today, is it possible we could put our phones down for a few minutes and carve out some time and attention for the problems of our day, like addressing climate change, alleviating poverty, and reforming healthcare? Just an idea.  

The good news is, you don’t have to continue down the path of a having a flabby brain. New Year’s resolutions are in full swing, and in addition to chiseling your rock hard bod, chisel that brain. By using The MILK App, you get rewarded for putting your phone down and giving your brain a little exercise, all while earning free rewards like cash and gift cards to your favorite restaurants! Seem like a good resolution to me!

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