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Why Isn’t Your Smartphone Helping you Work Smarter?

Alarm goes off?  Check. Post a picture of your avocado toast to Instagram? Check. Get ready to put in another productive week at work? Uh…maybe not check.

You see, studies show that the average person really only puts in five hours a day of work. Let’s say you’re one of those people who works full time, that’s a full fifteen hours a week of not working. What are you doing during that time? Probably looking at your phone.

A recent article in Fortune Magazine states that increased cell phone usage during work hours is causing tension at the office. Tension between coworkers who are having to pick up the slack for you while you’re Snapchatting, tension between you and your bosses because of the deadlines you’re missing, and tension in your shoulders because of the fact you’re always hunched over checking your phone, but that’s another story.  

Research shows it can take up to 25 minutes to get back in the zone every time you get interrupted. Let’s say you only get interrupted six times a day by your phone. That would count for the three hours a day that you’ve wasted, but how many of us are interrupted only six times a day?  It’s a scary question, but it’s one worth asking.

Tension at work aside, how are you going to be promoted and afford going to all those lavish vacation spots you see on your Instagram feed if you’re checking your phone all the time? You’re not.

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