About Milk

Let's run through the app from A-Z so you're familiar with the rules and how you can kick butt and win everytime!


The MILK App is free to use, but we also have a premium version of MILK coming soon where you pay a low, monthly fee and receive more points, more hours, access to better rewards and access to exclusive features.


Rewards could be gift cards, food, coupons, tech gadgets, fashion, accessories, self care products, concert tickets and much more. Depending on the value of the reward and if it was sponsored/donated to us determines the ``MILK`` price of each item.


The app works heavily off of your phone's location services and notifications. These features must be on so that the app works properly and can alert you about MILK Zones, instant rewards, nearby users, bonus areas and more!

Spread the Word

When you share the MILK App with your friends and family, we'll send you 10 bonus points and your friend will receive 10 bonus points too. We help you invite your friends to the app with just a few simple clicks. There's no limits on friend referrals. Tell everyone you know!!!

Milk Zones

We've partnered with local merchants to create spaces where you can earn and/or redeem your points. These places range from movie theaters and restaurants to live venues and local small businesses.


It's easy to rack up on points if you use the app every day, invite friends, complete tasks or visit bonus milk zones. On our free version, you're earning a half a point minute however for our future premium versions, you'll be able earn up to 2 points a minute.

Bonus Zones

Bonus Zones are AMAZING! These zones may not provide many rewards but they do provide large amounts of bonus points and access to hidden features just for walking in an establishment and using the app.


The free version of the app allows you to Milk the Moment for a limited amount of hours each day. If you're looking to use this app more avidly, upgrade to our Premium Version (coming soon).