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Are you an event planner, theater, restaurant, live venue, small business or major brand who would like to engage with our users through the MILK app? Let's "milk" a deal!

Customer Segmentation

Tell us who you want to target and we handle the rest. From age or gender to locations and behaviors...we can help you reach the exact MILK users that you need for your marketing campaign. Separate our users by:




Geo-Location Data

And More!

Proximity Marketing

Right Message. Right Time. Right Location. Send personalized and automated notifications to our users based on their:

Location Entry

 Location Exit

Location Dwell Time

In-App Messages

Before a user activates the MILK App in your establishment, an in-app message can appear filled with graphics, colors and branding about your new product, new feature or a new promotion.

Multivariate Testing

Relevant Ads

Retargeted Messaging

No Opt-Ins Needed


There's nothing better than customer feedback immediately following the customer's experience while their thoughts are fresh and genuine. Grab their opinion as soon as they deactivate from the MILK App and before they exit your establishment.

5 Star Ratings

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An Amazing Tool for Brand Awareness & Customer Acquisition!

MILK's mobile marketing campaigns help major brands and local business reach our users at the best time with the best message. Are you looking to get the word out about your business? Contact us today!

  • Engage

  • Reach our Users!

    • Push Notifications
    • Triggered Pop-up Ads
    • Personalized Inbox Messages
    • Offer Redemption
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  • Ad Space

  • Multiple Screens!

    • Activation Screen
    • Deactivation Screen
    • MILK Zone Screen
    • Rewards Screen
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  • Ad Types

  • Get Their Attention!

    • Banner Ads
    • Full Screen or Modal Ads
    • Video Ads
    • Custom HTML
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  • Analytics

  • See Your Results!

    • Customer Data
    • Location Analytics
    • Number of Impressions
    • Click Through Rate
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